Sunday, July 14, 2013

To Hell And (Hopefully) Back Is Now A Book

At some point during my recovery from the multiple life crises that initially prompted me to start this blog, I decided that eventually, when the dust settled, I'd write and publish a memoir. And here it is:

Here's the book's brief description:

In early 2010 I learned I had a "suspicious" mass in my right breast. Two days later my husband of 18+ years announced he was leaving me. This meant I'd also soon be unemployed since my job at the time was as Office Manager for a business my then-husband and I ran together, and that lengthy period of unemployment also led to the eventual loss of my home. To Hell And (Hopefully) Back is my memoir of learning first to survive, and then to thrive.

In first section of this memoir I reprint every post from my To Hell & (Hopefully) Back blog, where I chronicled my experiences during the first year after being hit with all of these major life traumas simultaneously. In the second section I share what I've learned along the road to recovery, and how I've found my way through to a 'new normal'. In the last section, The Crash Cart, I provide the survival tips I used to tie a knot and hang on at those times when I was sure I'd reached the end of her rope.

This is a book for anyone who's trying to cope with a loss or tragedy that seems too big to endure. What I share in this book is my experience in living the old proverb from Lao Tzu: "Sometimes new beginnings are disguised as painful endings."

To Hell And (Hopefully) Back is now available exclusively in Kindle format, for the Kindle, Kindle Fire, or any of the free Kindle reader apps for PCs, Macs, and Android and Apple mobile devices.

I've left the first several entries from the original blog here, as a free preview. Thanks for reading!

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  1. You know, a few years ago I was told breast cancer stories were a dime a dozen. And that the market was oversaturated with them. I really do have to rethink that and get my story out there like you did.

    It forever changed my life for the better.

    Awesome to connect with you!